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"My daughter Victoria is 2 1/2 years whose English language was very limited before we started the Gymbaroo program.

Her speech was confined to a minimum in her LOTE language; being Greek. In just a few months, she has flourished in both her social skills and in her English language vocabulary and comprehension. We are singing the songs at home and the stories we cover in the sessions. Her attention span has improve enormously. Together with Merrin's warm and gentle manner, Victoria looks so forward to her Gymbaroo session, particularly her time spent with Merrin. (Merrin has replaced me in the goodbye song)

I cannot express how much this program has enhanced Victoria's development. Family and friends constantly comment on this. Also the equipment is so well assembled, that there is never a dull moment.

I highly recomend Ivanhoe Gymbaroo to all families- It's brilliant."

Voula Tomaras, Fairfield

"I started GymbaROO with my daughter when she was around 12 months. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and my husband and I have been able to witness the long-lasting educational and social benefits it has had for her.

GymbaROO has encouraged my daughter to:

  • follow instructions
  • take-turns
  • participate in a small group
  • listen to another adult for direction (other than Mum or Dad)
  • pack away toys and other items
  • interact with other children
  • develop fine and gross motor skills
  • increase her confidence in her own abilities

GymbaROO has also encouraged me to be aware of my daughters skills and allow her to continue to develop these skills in a safe environment.

Merrin is a wonderful teacher and has enabled all of this to happen through her ability to provide experiences that are tailored to the abilities and needs of each child's age and stage of development.

Through her gentle and caring direction, Merrin has made GymbaROO an experience that my daughter looks forward to. 

We also purchase the terms Cds and enjoy sharing these at home.  Anjian enjoys listening to the CD when she is at home and this also involves her Dad in her GymbaROO experience as he learns all of the songs.

The CD also encourages my daughter to practise and generalise her new skills across many different environments.

I can't recommend GymbaROO Darebin or Merrin Bradbury-Butler highly enough!"

Melanie & Anjian, Templestowe

"My daughter Sienna has been attending Gymbaroo since she was 4 months old. She is now 2 1/2. She looks forward to it every week and talks about it all the time. 

I originally joined Gymbaroo not knowing much about the program. I quickly realised just how beneficial it was not only to Sienna's development but also to mine. It gave me plenty of ideas for activites at home and helped me remember all the nursery rhymes and songs I once received as a child, as well as so many more new ones! Merrin and Kim are fantastic teachers, not only for their patient and kind manner but also because they continuously provide us parents with key information on how to develop our children\'s skills at their particular developmental stage. 

Sienna is a confident and sociable child, we sing all the time and we build on the skills she has learnt in class at home. 

I now have another daughter and she is also attending Gymbaroo. I thoroughly enjoy this time with my children out of the home environment and I highly recommend the program to any parent."

Pauline Ciarma, Darebin Gymbaroo

"I am just writing to say a very big thank you for your wonderful program! My 21 month old son Hugo, has absolutely loved every second of the past 6 months of gymbaroo at the Darebin centre with Merrin Bradbury! So much so that on the odd occasion we have missed a lesson he's cried! His confidence, body awareness and physical abilty have improved remarkably since beginning.

Being a primary teacher (early years specialisation) I have been so impressed with the excellent level of developmental awareness and the practical implementation of according activities. Every lesson it feels like Hugo gets so much one on one time with the teacher as well as all of the brilliant group activities! I particularly respect the way Merrin speaks directly to the children not the parents (as we have experienced at other activities).

Overall, I could not be happier with Merrin and the centre. It is so bright, friendly and welcoming and has helped Hugo in leaps and bounds!"

Amy Newman

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