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Welcome to GymbaROO Darebin

Dear Parents

Congratulations, you have chosen the best for your child allowing them the opportunity to reach their full potential!

GymbaROO aims to embrace all the wonderful, natural developmental activities of EARLY CHILDHOOD and provides you with the opportunity to fulfill your child’s greatest need, to connect, one on one with YOU.

We encourage your enthusiasm and attentiveness towards your child. They will catch your smiles and happiness in a positive way. Please parents, in addition to caring for your own child's needs, always consider the safety and comfort of others.

The GymbaROO program is based on the success of familiarity through routine. It is amazing how with encouragement and enthusiasm from their care giver, children soon become keen to join in with the group and equipment time. Encourage your child’s exploration and honour them if they retreat or withdraw. In time and with your patience they will experience GymbaROO in their chosen way.

Please read our neurological HANDOUTS, so you can encourage your child in complementary activities at home, thus gaining full benefit from their GymbaROO sessions. Your visualisation scrapbooks (walkers and up) for words and pictures, plus the First Steps magazines are available occaisionally compliments of GymbaROO. They are a valuable resource.

Your input in the session time is invaluable, during mat and equipment time. We need lots of help, especially with the singing! It often takes children several weeks to participate in this new experience. Don't feel uncomfortable if your child does not participate immediately. Be positive, it is not unusual. We are always there for you so please seek guidance whenever required.

It is not unusual for children to cry, scream or even throw a tantrum. If this occurs a handy tool is to sit together at the side also and just watch (many children learn by observation and do the activities at home while playing ‘GymbaROO’). In unfamiliar scenarios our little ones often look to us for guidance in the situation. If we are calm and settled they too will become calm and reassured. Even take a break in the waiting room, until your child is ready to join in the group again Please do not attempt to re-enter the equipment area during mat time as this will only create a habit that will be very hard to break

During 'Mat' time, all children must be OFF the equipment. If permission has been granted for one-off sibling attendance, SIBLINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE EQUIPMENT AT ANY TIME - it is dangerous and distracting to others.

Name 'tops' or bibs are handy for recognition offering everyone the opportunity to become more acquainted. They also have an important role in your child’s pre-reading skills as well as developing their fine motor skills required to remove the name tag and place it into the posting box.

The next 45 minutes are about you and your child. Please make yourself at home and if there is anything that we can do to improve your experience please let us know.

We look forward to lots of fun and learning with you and your child!

Policy Guidelines:

Enrolment is subject to the acceptance of our terms and conditions. When enrolling via phone or online, you are required to accept our terms and conditions.

Insurance cover is conditional on acceptance of terms and conditions. Importantly, at all times children must be supervised by their attending adult.

RE-ENROLMENT forms will be given out at the centre approximately 3 weeks before the end of term. Full payment is required at the time of booking.

EARLY BIRD RATES apply during the early bird period only. IF YOU MISS THE DUE DATE, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PRIORITY STATUS, we cannot guarantee your placement AND FEES WILL REVERT BACK TO FULL-FEES.

Please DO NOT bring your child to class if they are unwell. If your child has an extended illness or injury, please notify the centre as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements for future classes. MAKE-UP CLASSES are reserved for children who have missed classes due to illness or injury. WE MUST BE INFORMED OF YOUR ABSENCE AT LEAST 2 HOURS PRIOR TO THE MISSED SESSION IN ORDER FOR YOU TO BE ELIGIBLE TO MAKE UP THE SESSION. Make up classes must be booked in advance via text your login on our website home page (under the rainbow) and are subject to availability. These cannot be rescheduled so failure to attend forfeits your class. Make up classes must be taken within the current term; they cannot be deducted from fees or deferred.
Subject to availability, you are welcome to change your class time and day through the term. On some occasions classes may need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. In these situations a pro rata refund will be given. REFUNDS
Fees are non-refundable and may only be deferred if permission is granted.

Only children who have enrolled may participate in classes. At management’s discretion permission may be granted for one off sibling attendance. Permission must be sought via email prior to sibling attendance. Parents/Carers are encouraged to make alternate arrangements for siblings, as the classes are age/development appropriate and the program is designed for 45-60 minutes of one-on-one time between you and your child. This is a child friendly environment and it is with every effort that we accommodate our families. Due to insurance requirements we must apply a charge for older siblings attending the centre during classes. All attending children must have an individual insurance form completed and signed on their behalf. Younger siblings are excluded if they do not participate in the mat or equipment sessions. We reserve the right to restrict sibling attendance if the care giver is not able to adequately supervise both children or if sibling’s attendance should be causing disruption to the class.

We respect the privacy of others at the centre and ask you do the same by not videoing or photographing during your session. With permission – you are permitted to take photos of your individual child on the equipment.

We try at all times to keep classes running to scheduled times for the smooth running of the program. Before and after each session, the teacher checks the room and the equipment for safety. For this reason, if you arrive MORE THAN 5 minutes before your class, please wait downstairs in the café area.

GymbaROO Darebin

Copyright in video and photographs; Right to use by GymbaROO
Any photographs or video taken by GymbaROO Darebin during class may be used for training, promotion or other purposes. Where possible notification will be given.

Strictly NO FOOD is to be consumed anywhere upstairs. There is an area with chairs and tables near the café which you are welcome to use. Please clean up after yourself and your child.

  • Please do not leave your child unattended, you are responsible for your child’s safety.
  • For the safety of your child, please do not allow them to return to the equipment at the end of the lesson.
  • SCOOTER BOARDS: Please ensure they are turned over with the wheels facing up when not in use.
  • TRAMPOLINE: Only one at a time when jumping unaided; Holding parents hands, no more than 2; Infants 2-3 watch heads!
  • Any toys or small equipment that have been sucked or mouthed will need to be washed. Please place them into the washing bucket provided. Spills on equipment need to be reported to the staff for cleaning.

SHOES OFF IN THE GYM – for both guardians and children
Welcome to our centre, please make yourself at home
Children need to experience the activities with bare feet. Gripping and feeling tactile surfaces with their feet while climbing and balancing on the equipment is essential for their motor development. It allows them to experience the activities using all their senses. We request that parents remove their shoes due to safety and hygiene.
The names are in the waiting area so that the children can learn to recognise their own name. Encourage your child to find their own name in a positive way and place it in their bib or help them to do so.
The first week is usually fairly overwhelming for you as the parent as well as for your child because there are so many new things to learn and unfamiliar routines to cope with! We hope that we were able to make you feel welcome on your first day at GymbaROO and that it was a positive experience for you both.
You will find that it takes at least 3 weeks and sometimes a little more for the children to become comfortable and familiar with the routines. We call it the “MAGICAL 3rd WEEK” when children come along and their parents see them much more confident and involved in the session. It can take up to a term for children to fully participate. While they may not participate in the session, they are absorbing it all!

The only boundary that is enforced at GymbaROO is that the equipment is closed during mat time and at the end of each class. Some children will take time to settle and participate during mat time, some children may never fully participate, instead will watch and absorb. You are welcome to sit with your little one and give them a cuddle while they watch the activities. Once they realize that they may participate on their terms and when they are ready, they generally will choose to participate. Each child is different and watching, absorbing and practicing at home may be your child’s chosen participation. The waiting room is a useful tool if your child is feeling overwhelmed, over stimulated or resistant to re-entering the mat area. During mat time the choices are watching, cuddling, participating or sitting in the waiting room. Our little ones thrive on predictable routine and with consistency they soon will realise when it is time for large equipment and when it is time for ‘mat time’!
The mat time activities are very important and we want every child to have the opportunity to participate in them without distraction, so PLEASE DO NOT CHAT during MAT TIME of the program. This teaches your child that listening to the teacher is not important!. We encourage parents to socialise before and after class. Please participate with your child and make the most of your 45 minutes of quality one-on-one time.


Please discuss any difficulties or concerns you are having with your teacher.

GYMBAROO VISUALISATION SCRAPBOOK (Toddlers class and over only)
  • Please bring your child’s scrapbook to every class, and encourage them to place it in the orange basket at the beginning of their lesson.
  • Your child’s scrapbook will then be available at the craft table to paste in their word and picture for the week. If you would prefer or forget, the word and pictures are also available on the pasting table.
  • The scrapbook pictures and words give you the opportunity to extend GymbaROO at home, using them in a similar way to the flash cards at Treasure Bag time.

Through the term you may take a weekly handout from the correct age group on the wall near the kitchen window. Please take just the one as the rest are provided for others. (this excludes the first week of term and re-enrolment weeks). Please read your HANDOUTS (which are inclusive in the term fees), so you can encourage your child in complementary activities at home, thus gaining full benefit from their GymbaROO sessions. These handouts are an important part of the program and belong to a volume for you to collect (see volume number in bottom right corner).

STAMP – distinguishing right and left
We always put a stamp on the right hand and foot. The verbal cue of “Stamp on your right side” reinforces the right side – which in time becomes an automatic response. Older children soon learn to distinguish between their “right stamp side” and their left. If your child prefers not to receive a stamp on their hand or foot, please let us know.

Each term we have a theme, from which we choose specific animals or items to come out of the ‘Treasure Bag’ each week. If you have something relating to the weeks TB please bring it along to class. This gives your child the excitement of seeing their special treasure pulled out of the bag. The scrapbook word and picture match the treasure bag item. The list of items is in the front of your scrapbook.

It is important for children to have water available to them throughout their classes. Our brains are 90% water and should not be allowed to become dehydrated during learning. By drinking water they optimise their learning at GymbaROO. Fruit juice is treated as food by the body and has to go through the digestive system, and therefore is not available to the brain for several hours. WATER is best.

As thanks, when you refer a friend we will give you $10 off your next term’s fees. Please remind your friend to mention your name. (Max 4 referrals per term) If all the children in all the world could come to GymbaROO, the world would be a different place.

In an effort to help every child, even those less fortunate, reach their full potential, we offer three scholarships to three children per year. If you know of a child who does not have access to GymbaROO and may need some extra help to reach his/her potential, please make a nomination to us.
We really appreciate hearing from you. Please email me personally at or fill out a feedback form and slip it to us at the front desk. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Terms and conditions are in place to provide a fair and consistent service to all enrolled families. Please be aware that receipt of your enrolment confirms your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions of enrolment with Gymbaroo Darebin

GymbaROO Darebin reserves the right to restrict enrolment or to ask anyone to leave the centre at any time based on health and safety policies or any behaviour deemed disruptive.

Quick Checklist:

Have you :
 Accepted our terms and conditions required for Insurance Cover.

Did you receive :
  • A white GymbaROO visualisation book at the end of your first class, for your words and pictures to share at home (Toddlers only)
  • The ‘Term’s Schedule’ and policy document?

The routine for when you arrive for class :
  • SHOES: Shoes and socks off (Adults may leave their socks on if desired) and place them under your chair in the waiting room.
  • NAME BIBS: Help your child to find their name and put on their bib – provided in 3 different sizes on the table.
  • WORD & PICTURE TABLE: pasting tables are located near the kitchen. While you wait for class you can assist your child in their weekly craft. This can also be completed before or after class back in the waiting area.

Please stick the word on the top page and the picture on the bottom page (one page to each as on demo).
BELONGINGS: Please place bags under chairs mat area. Ask our staff if you need help.

The routine for when you enter the gym :

  • VISUALISATION BOOK: Encourage your child to place their visualisation book on the table near the exit.
  • STAMP Your teacher or the parent will be able to stamp your child’s RIGHT hand. Remind them of which hand is their right/stamp hand.
  • TREASURE BAG: Encourage your child to place their treasure back into the treasure bag.
  • LARGE EQUIPMENT: You’re ready to set off and get active on the equipment! Attending adults must supervise their child at all times!!! Please no running in the gym.

The routine for when you finish your class :
  • GOODBYE SONG: After every class we sing the GymbaROO goodbye song (words on the barrier).
  • VISUALISATION BOOKS: Don’t forget to collect your visualization book on the table near the exit.
  • Handouts are also available near the kitchen.

Thank you for joining us at GymbaROO. We love sharing this special journey through the early years with you.
Every song sung, every game played and every activity at Gymbaroo is specifically designed to maximise your child's future learning capability.

Your responsibilities:

Any additional children or siblings that are not enrolled but attending with an enrolled child are not covered by accident insurance unless they have paid the applicable sibling fee for insurance cover. A sibling fee allows attending siblings to participate in the gross motor development (the gym) component of the session. The structured component (circle time) of the program is developmentally specific and therefore would not be specific to a younger/older sibling. We reserve the right to restrict sibling attendance if the attending adult is unable to adequately supervise more than one child. If a sibling fee has not been applied, the sibling is not covered by accident insurance and therefore not permitted on premises. Please note: These Terms and Conditions of Enrolment with Gymbaroo Darebin are current as of Nov 2016 and may be amended or updated on occasion. Notification will appear on our website.

Accident Insurance:

You are required to supervise your child at all times and have responsibility for the care of your child while they are at the Darebin centre (ABN 68 654 386 327). Both you and your child release and hold harmless the Centre and Toddler Kindy Gymbaroo Pty Ltd ACN 066 166 141 and their servants agents and officers from and against any liability to either of you howsoever arising including without limiting the generality of the foregoing arising from or as a result of negligence. Under no circumstances shall TKG or the Centre be liable for special or consequential damages. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in no circumstances shall the liability of TKG or the Centre for any cause or on any account exceed the sum of any fees paid by you or any other person on behalf of your child. The TKG Privacy Policy detailing our handling of personal and sensitive information is available upon request. You may request access to information held about you or your child by contacting the TKG Privacy Officer. To facilitate both the operation of the TKG System and TKG Centres and the granting of franchises to other organisations to provide the same services, it may be necessary for us to disclose your personal and sensitive information to certain third parties, to enable them to undertake specified management, administration and advisory services. These third parties include TKG's licensed franchise operators; consultants we engage to assist customers; organisations involved in all accounting, auditing and due diligence enquiries by the franchisee or on behalf of the franchisee relating to the setting up or maintenance of a franchise; organisations involved in a transfer or sale of all or part of the assets or business of TKG; organisations involved in managing our corporate risk and funding functions; general and specialist medical practitioners; our insurers; regulatory authorities, if required by law; and anyone else to whom you authorise us to disclose it. TKG and the Centre would also like to keep you in touch with developments about our system, and newsletters about new classes or centres. You will be given the option to opt out by following a link within the mailout. You acknowledge and agree to respect the privacy of other parents and children and the confidentiality of TKG and the Centre by not taking photographs, videos or other recordings in the TKG Centre without the prior consent of the other parents of children being photographed or videoed and the consent of the operator of the Centre. You acknowledge that you may be asked to agree to sign a more detailed agreement before that consent is provided. You acknowledge that you have been provided with an opportunity to read the TKG Privacy Policy. You accept that the collection, use and disclosure of your personal or sensitive information is necessary for the purposes described in the TKG Privacy Policy. You understand that neither TKG nor the Centre will be able to provide you with their services without this consent and that by enrolling with Gymbaroo Darebin you accept their full terms and conditions

Click here to download the terms and conditions.

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