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Play Dates at Gymbaroo

Play dates sessions are just that.... 1hr of fun and play and exploration in our fantastic gym.

Invite your friends / mothers' group for a 1 hour scheduled play date - by appointment only, many afternoon times are available

  • Equipment set ups that change frequently
  • Small equipment stations—balls, hoops, bean bags and so much more
  • Cognitive activities
  • Sensory stations—tactile, auditory, visual
  • For 1 –3 year olds
  • Teachers available during session to assist

How is it different?

  • Free play & exploration in the gym, not structured mat time
  • Casual classes (pre-booked) available rather than join for the term
  • $15 per session per child ($10 if you currently enrolled in the term)

Call us or email us to book in

 Ph 0438 180 087

Our centres are warm and cozy in winter and cool in summer and they are full of amazing gym and play equipment. Your little ones can climb, swing, bounce, crawl through tunnels, play games, play music, sing, dance, exercise and so much more.

Play dates are specially designed just for your group of friends– to suit their age and individual abilities. You can organise a one– off play date or several...

Minimum 8 children per play date

Call us or email for more info or to design a playdate for your group of friends to book your group in.

Private Sessions by appointment.

Tel: 0438 180 087


One class trial available 

Where there are class vacancies you can pay for one class to trial 

Text Merrin on 0438 180 087

Birthday Parties available

Please click to find out more

Hartbeeps interactive musical classes

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