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GymbaROO BabyROO Program

BabyROO and GymbaROO programs are $198 and $215 inclusive of GST and insurance per term. A $10 loyalty discount applies on subsequent and consecutive reenrolments 

Sessions run for 45 minutes, once a week over the course of a nine week term.

Each class is facilitated by a trained teacher.

The GymbaROO program offers activities that encourage and promote your baby and toddlers natural developmental movement patterns. From the beginning of time babies from birth, without intervention, have moved in the same natural pattern. Through modern day conveniences, such as baby bounces and walkers, babies are less exposed to nature's intended opportunities to move naturally. With interventions such as the capsule and contoured prams (prams that are v-shaped restrict movement verses flat bed prams), baby's movement opportunities are more prohibited. Balancing your modern day conveniences with ample opportunity for your baby to move naturally, will allow your baby to grow and develop through their natural movement patterns. We show you how at GymbaROO.

Progressing naturally through natural movement patterns helps build strength and muscle tone, which facilitates the next developmental stage. Each stage builds the foundation for the next stage. During the movement patterns of each developmental stage, neural pathways are stimulated by this movement, therefore facilitating appropriate brain development.

The following descriptions are generalised. Each child is an individual and we respect that by assessing your child's developmental stage during your first class and advising you on the appropriate class for your child. Each program or level is taught specific to the children within that class. As much as possible our qualified teachers will incorporate appropriate aspects of the program and offer alternatives to children within a class if their needs vary to the others in that class. 

Each developmental description as outlined below is a starting point. Every child will progress at their individual rate. 

BabyROO - Non mobile

Duration : 45 mins

Caters to newborn babies from 6 weeks of age until they begin to commando crawl. The sessions will provide your baby with the important sensory-motor stimulation required for learning, which they might not normally receive during the course of a normal day. You will enjoy quality time with your baby and learn how to provide activities to help them learn about themselves and their world. These activities offer plenty of tummy time and sensory stimulation (auditory, visual and vestibular). You will learn different massage techniques, gentle movements and dances. You will learn how to develop your baby's strength and flexibility. And our parachute activities stimulate your infant’s vision, orientation and spatial awareness, and it is lots of fun for the parents too!

BabyROO Mobile Babies - Cruisers/Early Walkers

Duration : 45 mins

This program caters to those babies who are commando crawling or on their hands and knees (creeping), standing and cruising. The babies who use other means such as a 'bottom shuffle' would benefit from this program. Now your babies are REALLY on the move! Mat time activities are at a quicker pace with lots of action. The massage activities are considerably shorter and as they begin to sit themselves their hands are free to begin clapping, and waving to the familiar hello and goodbye songs. Mat activities challenge them to focus and concentrate more readily, to hold small equipment (eg. bells) and join in with music time. They will negotiate obstacle courses of tunnels, ramps and ladders. Developing strength and balance with their constant crawling and up and down. Remember, crawling is a vital stage in your child’s development providing hours of visual experience for future learning. It is not how quickly they move past this stage, but how much they learn during it, that is important. 400 hours of crawling is optimal for your babies developing brain.

Toddler Program

Walking & Running & Climbing 14-24m

Duration : 45 mins

The program also encompasses a fine-motor component, where they will be exposed to activities such as throwing, catching and hitting balls, balloons, catching bubbles and beanbags. Your child will start taking a more participative role in the class as they can start to understand simple tasks and instructions. We will also be doing exercises with slow music allowing them time to learn how to move and control their limbs. An example exercise for balance: are our “Tick-Tocks”, stepping side to side, holding parents fingers. It all starts the foundation for strong gross motor and coordination skills.

Your little one isn't brand new to walking anymore. He/She displays more confidence on their feet. Arms are generally down by their side rather than spread out for balance. They could be running and climbing now.

The beauty of the mixed level programs is that you can witness the full range of development through the toddler phase. As a walking toddler, your little one will follow the lead of the more confident runners and climbers in the class. While the runners and climbers will continue to master their abilities, building confidence and feeling proud to be setting an example. We really encourage mastery of skills, as a child's self esteem is very much enhanced when they go beyond just 'checking the box', they achieve a skill and gain confidence in practising it everyday. These are the solid foundations that we speak of.

Your child will have an intrinsic awareness of what he/she needs in terms of motor development - you may find yourself on the same ladder or slide in a playground full of exciting equipment, but it's the same old ladder or slide that draws your child every time for a good number of visits. 

Running & Climbing 18-24m

Duration : 45 mins

Now your little one has mastered balance on two feet they can run and climb well and begin to work more independently, both at mat time and while climbing on the equipment. Their stage of development is bi-lateral, meaning that both sides of body are working in coordination. However, we start to do activities which require them to use left and right independently. By 18 months of age, toddlers have developed wonderful skills with their hands, they have improved focus and control. Our activities are aimed at strengthening and developing these skills, as they now have control over how to release an object they are holding. The two-year-old stage is an important year of change in both behaviour, speech and fine motor skills. This brings with it many challenges and much frustration. Your little one will need boundaries to keep them emotionally safe and secure in a world that they are beginning to realise may be infinite. The Koala stage sets the groundwork for the transition into the next stage of development - laterality.

Taking flight 18-34m

Duration : 45 mins

This program consolidates skills from the koala program while extending the children by encouraging independence in activities. You will notice your child's awareness of themselves is heightened and their self-esteem benefits from their ability to master skills before jumping to the next level program.

Jumping and brachiating 34mths upwards

Duration : 45 mins

Wow, this age thinks that the world is theirs! Now they can jump and hang independently each hemisphere of the brain is beginning to control the movements of each side of the body, in coordination, moving their body parts on their own, thier brains are beginning to lateralise. Specific activities are introduced at this level. For example movements that encourage the child to pass objects from one side of their body to another (crossing the mid-line) and also to get them to do one thing with one limb and something different with the other limb which is fully explored during activities with musical instruments. Dances can now be more sequential, in an endeavour to help the children move and think. Some of our songs and exercises are still quite slow to allow their new body awareness to be perfected. We introduce the true 'crocodile' movement during the massage session due to its importance in body coordination and of course reflex inhibition. Our classes become more challenging, as this is also the time for improved concentration.

Class sizes at this stage are reduced to more readily accomodate varying abilities. Individual focus is given to each child, offering different aspects of the program appropriate to individual needs.

Now development is really bounding forward. Sessions at this age are geared for the development of sensory integration and the consequent laterality (throwing a ball with one arm is being lateral). For this reason, a preferred hand (or foot) is encouraged in all one hand (or foot) activities. Achieving laterality is very imprtant for learning and for things like riding a tricycle, peeling a banana and using scissors. We are now encouraging an increase in the comprehension of auditory memory skills from one instruction to two and likewise in the visual memory through more advanced fun activities with their parents. The crocodile patterning will now be a normal part of massage time and all areas where instructions are required are increased in complexity to allow for the development of improved auditory and visual memory, imperative for 'survival' at school. Repetition is vital for this development at all ages.

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