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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book for part of a term or start after the term has commenced?

Can I book for a part of a term?

If you are going away or know that you can't make a full term you can book for part of a term and this is worked out on a pro rata basis.  You need to email us on to advise that you are enrolling for part of the term and the price will be confirmed by return email. You can then transfer that amount by Bank Transfer. Please remember that we do not refund or transfer fees once payment has been received or during the term.

What happens if I miss a class?

You will first need to notify us by text you will be absent a minimum of 1 hour prior to your class. You can make up your missed class anytime during the term, please try not to leave unil the last week. To book your make-up, please text us on 0438 180 087 with a suggested day/time for your make-up class and we will confirm.

Am I able to bring my other child/ren along?

We allow siblings to attend the class as a spectator, but not as an active participant in the class activities. The best option is to have your other child minded or bring another adult to mind them.  We encourage parents to bring something along to entertain their child during the class, and at no time, are the siblings allowed on the equipment due to insurance and safety reasons.

Can I do Casual Classes?

You can come casually once only if you are new 

Casual classes are $25 for one class

Please enquire as to which days and times are available for a casual class

Which class should I choose for my non-crawling baby?

As a general rule, if your baby is 7 months - 12 months of age, you should book into a Crawler class whether your baby is crawling, creeping or not mobile.  If your baby is 2 months to 5 months of age and not rolling and not confident in tummy time, you should book them into a Non-Mobile Baby class.  If your baby is 5 months to 7 months of age, is rolling and confident in tummy time, you should enrol them into a Pre-Crawler Baby class.  If you are not sure, please email or phone us, and our professional staff will assess the best option for your baby.

Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds or transfers of fees to another term, unless a special or unforseen circumstance, that has been discussed and agreed upon with management. Under these circumstances a $30 administration fee for cancellations will apply.

My child's sleep patterns have changed, what are my options now, as my Gymbaroo class no longer suits?

We understand that babies’ sleep patterns are constantly changing, and if space permits in another class that fits in with the newly acquired sleep pattern, you are more than welcome to change classes.

My child has been offered a spot in child care, or my work days have changed, what are my options as I have enrolled for the term?

If space permits in another class that fits in with your changed schedule, you are more than welcome to change classes.

Can I try a class before I enrol?

We offer 1 class trial for all babies. Please contact us by phone or email to book into a class. Please note that classes marked RED on the timetable are full and therefore you cannot attend one of these classes as a trial.

Do I attend with my Child?

All children attending Gymbaroo must be accompanied by and adult be it a parent/ grandparent, nanny or any other nominated carer, grandparents/partners are also most welcome to come along with carer and observe.

What should we wear?

Dress in comfortable clothing for both of you, (for the girls, pants & tops are better than skirts), for babies bring along a bunny rug, and wherever possible do not dress your baby in a full suit (to maximise baby massage activity).

What footwear should we wear?

Children need bare feet so that they can experience the activities through the senses. Children gain a lot of information through their feet. Bare Feet assist grip on the equipment. Parents also need to remove shoes (can keep socks on) so that we can keep the equipment and floor clean for the children.

Safety Note: Wooden floors can become very slippery when wearing socks. Adults in socks should take due care. Our wooden equipment can also be hard to grip in socks, so if you require you child to wear socks please make sure they are the non-slip variety (rubber pads on base).

Tel: 0438 1800 87


One class trial available 

Where there are class vacancies you can pay for one class to trial 

Text Merrin on 0438 180 087

Birthday Parties available

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Hartbeeps interactive musical classes

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